Friday, October 1, 2010

Now a days im feeling somewhat proud about myself. Anthu propose mado levellige halaghogbitte antha....i dint think it’s this much easy...y i wasted so much of time..?? i would ve done this long before.!! Naa..time decides everything..haha....okay, here goes my love story, oh sorry ‘my love failure story’ fact i cant say it as story also, cos it came to end before it started...haha...anyway lets assume it as a story. But, before going further one condition, u should accept that everything im goin tell is true..cos no one believes that i did this...haha, even me:). By the way special thanks to facebook.

I dunno why people(of course, including me) are so eager to have gal fnd. Wot u want to prove urself cool???? I discussed this with many of my fnz..i finally came up with conclusion, there are 3 genuine resons wen we wish to hav a gal fnd. First, u hav enough money and you want to enjoy the life. Second, you have some great goals and you find someone who really gives u the moral support and inspiration. Third, just pure love without thinkin abt anything else. Of course,i haven’t considered other types: just for time pass or expecting something else.
Another thing i dint understand, why to suicide or get frustrated or to take revenge if she rejects u???? Come on bro, there are lot of girls, one better than the other (:P) in this world..!!!! some wer someone is made for you.... adu alde..if u really loving her u should wish for her happiness..u should respect her and her choice...okay, okay.. let me start my story.....
How to start??? end to the beginning or beginning to end..???? mmm.....okay let me mix everything...first i will tell about my life after love failure, by the way it all happened on 12/09/10, this day is goin to be celebrated as ‘LOVE FAILURES DAY’ least by me. We already have lot of ‘days’ lets dedicate one day to these people:):). I dunno why i was so happy nd excited after that, almost all of my fnz identified that glow on my face. ‘wat happened dude? yaarigadru propose madidi yeno??’

Fnz always rock...!!!they can find wat u r thinkin...’ya, but failed’. I told this to many...! ‘le, ninna eno andkondu bittidvallo...come macha,tell, how u proposed?? wat you said?? Wat was her reply??? Wer is she?in our college? Wen u started loving her? wat made u out??’ haha... I started from the beginning....
Dude, she was awesome...!!!!(y was???)....she was my best fnd,vry fndly,funny..nice..i dint have any special feelings about her initially, she was just another girl.But, after a long time, just 3-4 months back, i was really impressed by her virtue of being cool(neither by her beauty nor by her intelligence or something else)...”aamele??”
but,so many times i played foolish around her, but she kept her cool and calm all the time, i dint see her getting angry even once....that’s y i used give her lot of respect (even now, of cos in the future also..). But i dint want to propose her cos i knew what her response would be. One interesting thing, i haven’t remembered even a single instance when i talked to her..!!!!
But finally, i decided to propose her...i dint want the words to go unspoken. But my approach was very bad and rude!!! How u expect a person to whom you never talked, who don’t know completely about ur character to accept u?? As i knew, i failed.
Next day conversation between me and vishruth in VLSI lab:
“andre, maavin hannige kallu hodeyona, bidre maavina hannu barutthe, horde ondu kallu, antha ninna planu???”
“dude, i knew it never goin to fall”.
“ohh...andre hege alladutthe antha nodona antha ninn plan, jothege ondu saari practice kooda aagutthe next time try maadbahudu antha..”
Response of another fnd:” but y u r so happy???”, “ dude, as i knew the result, i was well prepred for this and my head and heart are really light today”. “u r the cool guy i ve ever seen, don’t worry u get a better gal...but, when is the treat???”Haha....boys always rock!!!!!
Another one “i think urs was not true love”. ‘’dude, wat else can i do??? I respect her and her choice...i told what i thought and she told wat she thought and i accepted the reality...thats it...chapter close..!!!’’.

Okay, i will describe u how i proposed her: “but, i want tell u something, im seriously loving you...******(some build-up)”...she, again nicely managed the situation: ”hey, u ve misunderstood me, i just wanted to be a fnd with u..******(some build-up)” " *****(again some build-up).." ”okay, good luck, cya...”.
After that myself “anthu, indirectaagi ugidlu..!!!! bekittha ninage???? Sumne, gentleman thara irodbittu....thoo ninna...” “macha, wat about fndship???” “i want that, otherwise i miss a good fnd...but that’s left to her”. But i wanted to ask her sorry for 2 reasons: for torturing her and for downloading her photo without her permission (now i deleted that, i swear!!!).

Now what to do??????

“AAM JINDAGI”: “muchkondu appa-amma thorso hudugina maduve aagu, magane ninna musudige love bere”.

“420 JINDAGI”: “don’t propose any girl now onwards...if somebody propose you and if u find her good don’t leave...;);):P”.

Finally my suggestion to all: don’t fall in love.. don’t propose anybody...dont go in search of love,it should come on ur way....however if u find somebody, like minded, don’t leave, love her, marry her.....confused????? haha....choice is urs..!!!!!

But, still.....she was awesome.........i miss her in the future enuf, enuf....internals on Monday...go for studies....!!!!